Our Strategy

With extensive experience and a global network, we share a passion for the transformative power of technology. We have a hands-on approach and back committed entrepreneurs leading businesses which we believe will grow quickly through geographical expansion and product development.

As a truly Global investor, a crucial point in our investment thesis is the ability of a business model and a team to quickly scale up across different regions.

We support our portfolio companies in their journey with our local teams in Europe, USA and Latam. We typically invest $1m to $10m in companies which are already generating revenue and have the potential for rapid growth. We offer multi stage VC solutions to be able to follow on the investments that we back.

Our funds

CleanTech Ventures
Genesis Ventures I

Venture Capital Fund with international investments

Genesis Ventures II: Venture Capital Fund with international investments

Chilean-UK Fund that has its focus on different industries like FinTech, HealthTech, EduTech, AgroTech, and all tech related companies. The investment strategy of the fund is to seek for companies that can contribute to the society, by applying high technology to a product or service.

2020– Genesis Ventures II
Investment Ticket: USD 1-3 MM

Investment Fund with focus on Renewable Energies

CleanTeach Ventures: Chilean fund that has its focus on NCRE (Non-Conventional Renewable Energies), with an investment strategy on projects with high potential in different areas of the country.

2017 – Cleantech fund
Investment Ticket: USD 3-10 MM

Genesis Ventures Fund is an Early Stage Fund focussed on companies with innovative and technological skills, with scalable models to developed economies like USA, UK,

Europe and others. Its main goal is to take companies and scale them globally through its wide business network.

2013 – Genesis Ventures I
Investment Ticket: USD 1-3 MM


Although we are in principle sector agnostic, we prefer to invest in industries we understand and where members of our team have previous experience and network.


· SaaS B2B niche offerings
· AI & Big Data
· Applications of IoT
· EduTech
· FinTech – Alternative Assets
· AgriTech


· Outsourcing
· Offshoring
· Education
· Tourism/hospitality
· Logistics
· Health/aging

Specialty Retail

· Food
· Apparel / accessories
· Beauty / wellness
· Entertainment
· Sports

Export Industry

· Mining suppliers
· Consumer goods
· Packaging
· Agrifood
· Metal mechanics

Clean Tech

· Solar, Wind and Micro Hydro
· Greenfield power plants
· Energy efficiency