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Venture Capital for a Global Impact

At Genesis Ventures we invest in companies with scalable business models and entrepreneurs wishing to expand their companies globally. We support them with capital, mentoring and network through local teams based in Latin America, Europe and USA.


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Rodrigo Castro

Entrevista en @bnamericas sobre Solartech H2, los proyectos en desarrollo y el gran potencial de Chile en Hidrógeno Verde. bnamericas.com/en/in… @ameirov @JCJobet pic.twitter.com/x4jN…


Our Investment Strategy

We invest $1m to $10m in companies which are already generating revenue and have the potential for rapid growth. We have a hands-on approach and back committed entrepreneurs leading businesses which we believe will grow quickly through geographical expansion and product development. We prefer post revenue companies with potential for rapid scalability in B2B software, specialty retail, non traditional exports, clean tech, travel, health and wellness.



2021 – Solartech Green H2 

  • Investment Ticket: USD 15-60 MM

2020 – Genesis Ventures II

  • Investment Ticket: USD 1-3 MM

2017 – Cleantech

  • Investment Ticket: USD 3-10 MM

2013- Genesis Ventures I

  • Investment Ticket: USD 1-3 MM
  • Genesis Ventures contributes to the business with much more than just capital. They also contribute with their ideas, the strategy and the experience at the service of the company, what is known as ‘smart money’. This is a great value-added.

    CEO Amipass
  • With Genesis Ventures we have created a relationship that outweighs the traditional link between the investor and the entrepreneur. For us the feeling is the most important thing. What we are doing is to include a human team to actively participate in a project in which –until today- only the founders have taken the relevant decisions for the company.

    CEO Instagis
  • Genesis Ventures is more than just a capital investor, it is a strategic investor who participates as an active partner which constantly supports the growth of our business through its powerful business networks, which is complemented by their strategic global vision of world class solutions.

    Daniel Santander O`brien
    CEO Wenu Work

Meet Our Founders

Andrés Meirovich

Managing Partner

Rodrigo Castro

Managing Partner